Virtual Events

Large scale, full featured webinars

Attendees & exhibitors networking

Sponsors advertising


B-Com can easily turn your meetings and conferences to into full-featured, engaging virtual events. Indeed, many of the B-Com modules, such as the programme management and networking ones, also embeds web conferencing capabilities.

With the virtual events module, you can organize large scale live or pre-recorded webinars, let attendees and exhibitors discuss during ad-hoc video-conferences and your own create virtual e-posters area. Sponsors are not forgotten with options to promote them on your virtual event website.


B-Com seamlessly integrates with BlueJeans™ and Zoom™ to offer online webinars featuring live polling, Q&A and chat. These webinars can be scheduled with a few clicks directly from the B-Com back-office and are always kept up-to-date.

Pre-recorded / replay sessions are also possible either via video-conferencing providers or via streaming platforms such as Vimeo™ and YouTube™ .



The networking and matchmaking module is also augmented with video-conferencing capabilities. Attendees can easily schedule and start private meetings with other attendees or with exhibitors.

Of course, the networking module keeps its rich set of functionalities in this mode, such as the targeted suggestions for attendees or the lead qualifications questionnaires for exhibitors.



Sponsorship options give the possibility to display “static” and “transition” ads to attendees

Advanced analytics allow you to track views and clicks of your sponsored content.