Universal App

Consistent experience across devices

Truly connected to back-end without integration

No review, no setup, a cost-effective solution


Why have a separate event website, application, registration website, etc...? B-Com radically changes the approach of event websites and apps with its brand new Universal App which allows you to offer the same content across desktop, tablet and phone users.

But the B-Com Universal App is not just a responsive website or an app, it takes the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a website and the user engagement of an app.

Using the Universal App you can:

  • Let your participants and groups browse content about your event (including event programme, other attendees, exhibitors, etc...) even when being offline
  • Provide exactly the same registration experience from the website or from the app
  • Engage attendees through networking features
  • Forget about publishing processes, additional costs, etc...

The B-Com Universal App offers a consistent experience across all devices, may it be desktops, tablets or mobiles. No need to search for the App on a store, attendees are simply proposed to install your website as an app with just one click as they browse it.

All the content included in your website instantly becomes available offline including:

  • Simple informational pages
  • Event programme
  • Attendees list
  • Exhibitors list

No need to setup complicated integrations, the B-Com Universal App is by design connected to the B-Com back-end. Any change made within your configuration, programme, pages, etc... become instantly available to users.

Participants and groups can also register directly within the App.


The B-Com Universal App does not require any double configuration, store review or additional cost. It is available for all your B-Com events out-of-the-box.