Service Desk

Convert any request reaching you to a task

Artificial Intelligence helps you handling requests

Get statistics and monitor SLAs


B-Com offers a built-in service desk and task management system allowing to structure all attendees and group requests whatever the way they reach you, may it be via e-mails, a request form on your event website, a custom integration or simply created manually by your staff.

B-Com extracts information for every request in order to directs event managers to the right screen and propose them relevant actions. 

You can implement your own Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure tasks are handled on time and monitor them.


B-Com collects requests from multiple sources such as e-mails received on the event mailbox or request forms, and converts them to structured tasks.

You can manage multiple types of tasks, each having its own specific information; for example an accommodation request may contain structured properties for check-in and check-out dates and of course the guest concerned. A specific workflow can also be configured for each type of task.

Tasks can be distributed among multiple teams depending on their type to make sure the right persons receives the right requests.


An intuitive interface allows your staff to access their tasks from any screen of the application in order to quickly check task details and close it once complete.

To help persons handling the tasks, B-Com also provides them with direct link to the concerned stakeholder (participant, group, abstract submitter, etc...) and proposes them relevant actions based on Artificial Intelligence analysis.

Monitor Service Level Agreements

You can configure your own Service Level Agreements for each type of task and receive alerts in case a breach is approaching. Of course, statistical reports also allow you to measure performance of your teams.