Onsite Features

Self and desk mode features

Continuity of operations

Centralized control

Scanning solutions


Our 10+ years experience running from small to very large onsite operations allowed us to develop a complete set of onsite functionalities and to understand the challenges and constraints attached to these very particular operations during which problems are not allowed.

The B-Com "Onsite App" brings you all the features you need, from badge printing to new registration and in/out scanning and brings out-of-the-box reliability and resilience.  


The B-Com Onsite App comes with a complete set of features available either in self-service or desk (with hostess) modes:

  • Individual and group badge printing / collection
  • New registration
  • Add booking(s)
  • Material distribution
  • Check-in
  • Kiosk browsing
  • Surveys
  • Certificate or other documents printing
  • etc...

Onsite days are crucial for the success of your events and any problem can seriously damage your image, this is why the B-Com Onsite App comes with a resilient architecture which ensures continuity of your operations even in case of connectivity loss without the need of a particular IT architecture onsite

Whatever happens, Internet shutdown due to political issues, lowered brandwidth or just an unplugged cable, the B-Com Onsite App will continue printing your badges and other documents, and scanning solutions will continue to operate without any visible effect. Once connectivity is restablished, all issued operations are synchronized with the central B-Com servers to make sure no data is lost.


Stop running between your machines during the onsite, thanks to its unique architecture all your onsites machines can be monitored and controlled from any other one. You can check the B-Com Onsite App connectivity state, re-configure it, convert it to a different function, enter maintenance mode, etc... without moving from your desk!

It is even possible to monitor onsite operations while being fully on remote.


The B-Com Onsite App integrates with Zebra bluetooth barcode readers to offer an affordable, very easy-to-use and reliable scanning solution may it be for access check or in/out scanning at the entrance of the event's venue or a specific area within the venue, or for material distribution.