Networking & Matchmaking

Let your attendees and exhibitors interact and organize one-to-one meetings

Use the B-Com Artificial Intelligence to propose targeted appointments or let it fully build attendees calendar


The B-Com networking and matchmaking module allows attendees to communicate and organize one-to-one meetings together and with exhibitors.

While it engages your audience, it allows your exhibitors to maximize their return on investment.

Attendees receive targeted meeting suggestions based on AI algorithms which can also fully pre-build exhibitors and attendees' agendas.


The networking module seemlessly integrates whith the event programme, attendees can easily build their own personal schedule made of both sessions and one-to-one meeting.

B-Com ensures attendees keep full control over their agendas and don't get bothered with un-sollicited requests if they don't want to.


The powerful B-Com Artificial Intelligence learns from attendees similarities and choices to propose them relevant appointments and programme elements.

Matchmaking capabilities can also be used to statically preset a range of appointments for each attendee based on pre-defined rules set by event managers.