Event Marketplace

Let suppliers propose their services

Review and compare suppliers offers

Receive commissions from the services sold


The event marketplace allows external suppliers to propose their services for the event on their on own or by answering an e-RFP (Request For Proposal) you send them.

You keep full control over the service offering of your event by reviewing and comparing proposals, and of course make money out of it using commissions.


A configurable wizard allows suppliers to describe themselves (company profile), the services they proposed and of course all elements such as pricings, commissions, allotments and deadlines if any, etc...


The structured proposal submission allows event managers to easily benchmark suppliers and accept only the best ones. It is also possible to use it as a negociation tool as you can send the proposal back to the supplier for modification.

Once a proposal is accepted, a "supplier contract" is created within B-Com and services can be sold using B-Com.


Of course,vas for any other services sold, B-Com accounts for commission and allows you to easily get statistics on sales.