Solutions for Corporations


B-Com has been engineered as a global enterprise system that integrates every step of the event management life cycle, from the budget to the delivery phase. B-Com enables multinationals with complex structures to collaborate around the organization of events and manage all their operations on the same platform.

B-Com is also a powerful marketing and communication tool as it incorporates all the tools and web-based collaborative interfaces for corporations to build and manage communities of any kind (customers, partners, suppliers, PR, etc.) and engage their audience on the long-term.


B-Com allows corporates meeting planners to promote and manage events of any size. Whether they want to organize advisory boards with a few participants, incentive events for sales teams, launch a new product or attend large third party conferences with thousands of attendees, B-Com helps you succeed in creating a unique experience for your stakeholders, whilst having every financial aspect of your events under control, and gathering insightful information on your stakeholders.

B-Com offers a very innovative approach of event management. With the objective to develop new communication channels and offer a collaborative workplace to all your stakeholders, B-Com enables meeting planners to:

  • Maximize promotional activities impact using its wide range of communications and invitation tools and its ability to create a unique platform for all your events
  • Streamline Strategic Meeting Management via its global budgetting and planning capabilities
  • Strengthen proximity with all key stakeholders using its capabilities to offer targetted content

Everything we do is customized to your needs, and we are conscious that each deployment is different, requiring detailed preliminary analysis and meticulous system customization, followed by training and support. We have developed a real expertise in accompanying our clients in implementing new technologies.

We offer a set of services that supports its clients through the entire project and ensures that the platform is used in an optimal way.

Consulting for a solution tailored to your needs
Modern software should adapt to one's current processes, not the opposite.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions on our high-speed servers
To ensure extremely reliable IT services with the latest technologies.

Training for several levels of usage
Trainings are available for advanced usage of B-com (super user training) as well as for basic users.

Maintenance & Support so you are all backed-up if something goes wrong
Our business consultants keep a close relation to our users, and are aware of their constraints and challenges to deliver state-of-the art support.