Solutions for Event Agencies


B-Com is a global community and event management platform dedicated to professional event planners. It helps deliver great events through automation, data integration, full customization, and a large set of core features.

Whether you are seeking to standardize and industrialize your processes, reduce your costs or generate new sources of revenue, the comprehensive roster of functionalities available in B-Com will match your needs.

B-Com allows Meeting Planners to create, promote and manage events and communities of any size, and consistently fit with the demand from their clients. Whether they want to organize members meetings with few participants or large conferences with tens of thousands attendees, B-Com will help them succeed creating a unique delegate experience, whilst having every financial aspect of the event under control.


We understand the business needs of meeting planning agencies and designed a platform to directly impact positively on your performance and potential when creating, promoting and managing events & communities.

B-Com provides many features that will set you apart from your competition. It allows you to monetize event components and thus expand your streams of revenue. Concurrently, project costs will be reduced thanks to the automation of time-consuming tasks.

Efficiency and accuracy are key success factors at any stage of the organization of conferences. B-Com's powerful business logic enables an unmatched flexibility and efficiency in capturing delegates’ information, bookings, payment and feedback while ensuring a smooth and customized invitation and registration process.

B-Com answers meeting planners' needs by allowing:

  • Highly configurable event websites and registration flows
  • Complex pricing models, real time allotment usage, overbooking and waiting lists to enable efficient sourcing and inventory management.
  • Collaborative portals to empower all stakeholders and reduce the workload needed to manage them.
  • Online access to live reports for clients and suppliers to facilitate and automate reporting
  • Integration with 3rd party software (social networks, member’s database,...)
  • Reporting at any level of the operations, across events, or from the common database
  • Efficent management of work and teams using the built-in service desk
  • And much more...

Everything we do is customized to your needs, and we are conscious that each deployment is different, requiring detailed preliminary analysis and meticulous system customization, followed by training and support. We have developed a real expertise in accompanying our clients in implementing new technologies.

We offer a set of services that supports its clients through the entire project and ensures that the platform is used in an optimal way.

Consulting for a solution tailored to your needs
Modern software should adapt to one's current processes, not the opposite.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions on our high-speed servers
To ensure extremely reliable IT services with the latest technologies.

Training for several levels of usage
Trainings are available for advanced usage of B-com (super user training) as well as for basic users.

Maintenance & Support so you are all backed-up if something goes wrong
Our business consultants keep a close relation to our users, and are aware of their constraints and challenges to deliver state-of-the art support.