Expenses Management

Invite your participants to claim their expenses online

Invite managers / clients to review claimed expenses

Automate payment of expenses via banking files


The B-Com Expense Management module allows to collect expenses of elligible participants (speakers, VIPs, employees, etc...) in a structured way. Full control over the process is handed to you, from the online claim to the effective reimbursement, going through the review step.


Expenses can be registered upon invitation with just a few clicks. Participants only need to set for each category of expense, the amount claimed, and upload related proofs.

Event managers can define any number of expense categories, as well as the currencies accepted for claim submission and reimbursement, and the maximum amount to reimburse, either globally or per participant.

Claims' review

A dedicated web portal allows event managers / clients to review each expense claimed by participants and accept or reject it.

In case of acceptance, it is also possible to change the amount to reimburse if part of it is not justified.

Automate payments

Forget about onsite cash reimbursements or manual bank transfers input; once your expenses approved, B-Com generates an ISO 20022 banking file allowing to create all payments at once in your banking interface.