Ultra-flexible configuration at each level

Work faster on our intuitive user interfave


The DNA of B-Com is to provide its users with all the options they need to support any kind of event. For all existing functionnalities, and all those coming in the future, we stay one step ahead of your needs.

While it is a comprehensive product, B-Com is as well easy-to-use and gives you all the small things making your work faster on day-to-day operations.


B-Com offers a unique degree of configuration and was made to be an international product able to work with multiple currencies, languages, timezones, tax regimes, etc...

From the pricing policies to the registration flow, from the event website to the B-Com API access, everything can be configured directly by you, without the need of our support.


B-Com provides a range of tools and accelerators designed to increase productivity of the teams working with it:

  • Easily search for features and content globally or within each event
  • Copy configuration elements from one event to the other
  • MS Excel export/import features
  • etc...