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Increase users' engagement

Integrate your communities and events


B-Com enables associations, corporations and event organizers to build communities of stakeholders and communicate effectively with them. B-Com customizable community management features offer collaborative workplaces to community managers and community members, in line with your business objectives.

We took a global approach to communities and came up with a comprehensive and flexible platform able to fit numerous needs and business configurations. The Community management module allows you to:

Provide an online collaborative workplace to community managers where they can interact with their community members, all year long and beyond the events they attend

Provide timely and accurate communication to targeted audience to reach both communications and marketing goals

Grow delegate engagement before, during and after the events to improve networking opportunities and quality of program content

Leverage on viral marketing to promote event activities, thus increasing ROI


B-Com community management capabilities enables for comprehensive association and membership management. Customized membership subscription portals that fit your community visual identity and business requirements enable members accessing your community content and resources.

Membership management is highly flexible to fit your exact requirements, Community managers can configure themselves the membership fees and privileges, launch promotional campaigns, launch surveys, or manage content available to the public or to members only. B-Com enables automating the entire membership management process from registration to expiry notifications and renewal.


B-Com provides tools to animate and create engagement opportunities among your community.

The community directory is the place to connect with members. Advanced search and filtering capabilities allows looking-up community members' profiles and contact details (each community member is offered to manage their privacy settings).

The discussion platform is meant to help members communicate and exchange on your community topics. Discussions are flexible and can occur between two or more participants, be private or public, managed and moderated collaboratively.

B-Com mass mailing tools allow engaging community members on ongoing discussions, content, activities or events available to the community. Community members find all the resources they need in one place.


The strong integration of communities and events managed in B-Com enables promoting events within a given community with unmatched efficiency and optimal results. Community members access a comprehensive list of events with a customizable search engine, and enjoy a personalized registration experience according to their profile and privileges.

As an event planner or community manager, you have full control on what event is displayed to whom, to restrict registration to specific members, or offer specific activities and pricings according to their profile within the community.

As an example, a corporation gathers sales staff and sales partners to attend an exhibition tradeshow; internal staff are allowed registering free of charge and are allocated mandatory activities, while sales partners are allowed booking accommodation and social events in bulk so as to later on invite their own sales staff to participate to the event (the sales partner's staff will thus form a community of its own.