Accommodation Management

Manage your hotel contracts

Online sales

Online Travel Agencies integration

Receive accurate commissions


The B-Com accommodation management module allows you to manage both the procurement and sales aspects of your accommodation offering. You can model every details of your hotel contracts and define your own sales and cancellation policies based on contractual information. A range of tools and reports allow you and your hotel suppliers to follow-up and forecast on sales during the event registration period and the reconciliation tool allows you to make sure you receive accurate commissions.

B-Com also integrates with the Expedia Partner Solutions to enrich your hotel offering.


B-Com allows you to model every aspects of your hotel contracts in a structured way, may it be buying rates, allotments, commissions, complimentary rooms, release and deposit deadlines, etc... 
Its structured model allows keeping track of contract changes and enables cross-events analysis.


Participants and groups are able to browse hotels offered by the event with search criteria such as availability, location, price, or facilities available. B-Com hotel search engine is able to display a comprehensive profile for each hotel, as well as low availability notifications, banners indicating special offers, multiple pricing options per room, and much more!

Hotels can be displayed according to advanced ranking rules. Attractiveness and procurement parameters such as discount percentage, special offers, availibility, cancellation fees, or room block release deadlines will trigger the hotel positioning on the search engine.


Managing accommodation for a conference is labor intense and not always so profitable. Accommodation managers are continouesly concerned with inventory management, payment deadlines and cancellation charges. Mitigating risk while ensuring profitability of operations is sometimes a stressful job!

Thanks to its integration capabilities, B-Com enables replacing or complementing a list of contracted hotels with external inventories from Online Travel Agencies while keeping control over the hotel offering presented to participants.


Once your event finished, hoteliers (or you) can access a reconciliation interface allowing to register last-minute modifications / cancellations and any additional services bought at the hotel in order to compute an accurate commissions total.