Abstract & Programme Management

Structured abstract submission

Review process

Full paper submission

Programme building


B-Com offers a powerful and customizable abstract / full paper content management tool as well as online programme publishing, which are fully integrated with the rest of B-Com functionalities.

Abstract managers have full flexibility to categorize and manage the content submitted for review and standardize the output formats. B-Com also provides a complete online reviewing interface with fully customizable criteria and statistics computation.
Once abstracts are selected, abstract managers can easily generate the abstract book content in various formats, allocate abstracts to sessions and build the conference program.


B-Com abstract submission wizard is fully customizable and easy to generate with no particular IT skills. B-Com increases event stakeholders' satisfaction by providing both abstract management and registration services in one place with one single login.

B-Com supports rich content, including pictures and tables, and manages authors’ information that includes affiliations and disclosure of interests.

Abstract managers can set up and manage abstracts' structure and define criterion ensuring that abstracts submitted for review respect predefined configurable rules, thus unifying results and facilitating review.

Abstract authors always have a live preview of their abstract in the exact layout used for publication. Until the submission deadline, abstracts can be modified as desired with full history tracking allowing for an unparalleled submission experience.


Reviewing can be a long process to choose selected abstracts among all submitted ones. Reviewing committees must therefore have efficient tools to evaluate and eventually score abstracts.

For abstract managers, building reviewing committees - in other words assigning abstracts to reviewers - can be a complex task. B-Com proposes in addition to manual assignment, the option of automatic abstract assignment based on topics and configurable distribution rules to ensure the statistical pertinence of total scores.

Review criterion can also be structured and scenarios such as blind review can be configured to ensure an equitable review of abstracts.


B-Com supports the submission and review of abstracts but also of unstructured or semi structured full papers and gives you the ability to define you own scientific content selection process:

  • Abstract submission and review process
  • Abstract submission and review and then full paper submission and review
  • Abstract and full paper submission at on once, etc...

With B-Com Online Programme, attendees discover and browse the event programme in the various proposed views and languages, search sessions or activities of interest, view sessions’ abstracts, and eventually build their own personal schedule.

Once you have defined your sessions' actors, location, time, category and topic, B-Com online programme takes care of displaying it in various views for your participants' convenience. A deep search functionality is available to display all sessions and activity related to a keyword.

It is possible to generate as many online programmes as necessary if the complexity of the event programs requires it. For instance, it is possible to have an online program for posters only, for industry sponsored sessions only, for several learning tracks, or for a category of participants only. B-Com has impressive track records of managing complex online program (over 2000 sessions, 100 topics, 800 speakers, learning tracks...). B-Com online program also adapts very well to event programs with only a few sessions and activities.