Wednesday, December 24, 2014

B-Com version 2.9.2x

B-Com Event Technologies is proud to present the improvements brought to our users through several releases during this second semester 2014. We have released a range of updates (2.9.2x) providing several improvements in areas such as group management, payment tracking, websites' dedicated urls and budget management (PMT).






Group improvements


Groups managed in the context of an event now benefit from improved and new features, as we move a step forward into the integration of community and event management. B-Com enables since its early versions to manage groups of participants on webpages.

With this set of improvements, new specific possibilities are now given to group managers and members:

In addition to the possibility to allocate services to group members himself, the group leader can now authorize to his group members to choose and reserve services from the group allotment.
It is now also possible to add services to group members that will be paid directly by the group member (when the service is not sponsored by the group)
Invitation management is made easier with the possibility of answering an invitation on behalf of a group member.


Dedicated URLS

You can now easily configure the URL you want for your events and communities websites! With dedicated URLs support, you can use a custom domain name for an event website managed in B-Com, or if you wish, design you own URL rewriting rules. With this feature, you can now provide your clients with websites fully managed in B-Com while showing their own chosen website domain.


Budgets management improvement

We dedicated a lot of developments to the improvement of budget management in B-Com.

With budget hard links and debit/credit views, you can now create and manage several budgets even faster. Agencies in charge of their clients’ event budget can now manage both their internal and external budget at once while B-Com will take care of allocating revenues and expenses to the correct debit or credit accounting entities.

The new feature “Delta Analysis” allows analyzing any difference between market price and negotiated price, between 2 budgets, or between invoiced and budgeted amounts. Each difference can be explained and allocated to a delta analysis category, which enable detailed reporting on your event budget management.

Cost savings, reduction or increase of budgets, variance between budget and invoices are now fully documented not only for an event budget, but also cross budget at global level.