Your web-based event portals

Collaborative interface with all your stakeholders to handle event content submission, delegates, speakers & exhibitors management, 

  • Generated and managed in house without any IT skills
  • Fully configurable, with your own dedicated URLs
  • Improved experience for your stakeholders


Powering dynamic event portals from end-to-end


With B-Com, it is easy to create and publish a full multilingual website for a community or for an event with branded information pages, registration wizard, abstract submission wizard and online program. The website is fully customizable yet easy to set up thanks to a powerful theme feature. 

Web portals creation and publication is automated and does not necessitate web mastering skills, the content is directly updated from B-Com back-office, and the interactions with users are directly impacting the B-Com allowing automation of usually time consuming tasks like abstracts and program publication, etc. 

An unlimited number of information pages with a flexible hierarchy can be generated directly from B-Com with no specific HTML code knowledge. It is easy to paste and format texts, images, tables, links, or special characters from other websites or documents. Customization of the parameters allows you to develop complex business logic for community & event management that truly reflects your business model.

Home to interactivity

The event portal is home to interactive functionalities that are integrated together. They cut down the workload to handle registration and event content while improving the experience of all stakeholders of the event.

Your event website without IT skills

B-Com enables the publication of an event portal -or event website- through a user friendly interface. You can set-up as many information pages as you want, including rich content and dynamic information such as a dynamic display of your event program, unlimited registration portals for each profile of your events participants, or an abstract/paper submission portal.


Deeply automating the registration process


B-Com highly customizable user interface and business logic makes the registration process simple and quick for any attendees. Delegate’s experience is personalized with dynamic content and includes a customized service catalog, questionnaires, profile building, payment capabilities...

Registration can be done online with the online registration wizard for individuals and groups which offer a dynamic registration path and content. Registrations can also be done offline in the back office using B- Com registration wizard. Registrations can be inserted in bulk both online and offline using B-Com advanced import functionality (the Masterlist).

Online content submission & collaborative review


B-Com abstract & paper submission is ensured through a web interface that enables authors to send and manage their abstract content directly from their web-browser. Abstract managers can set up and manage the desired abstract structure and define criteria ensuring that abstracts submitted for review respects predefined fully configurable rules, thus unifying results and facilitating review. The abstract review is then executed on the online collaborative abstract review portal where chosen reviewers can score a given number of abstracts, before consolidation of all abstracts scoring.

A flexible web-interface to fit all communities' needs

You can set-up web-portals for any group -communities- related to your event, with interaction and member management features. Whether you wish to enable dedicated web-portals for your exhibitors to manage their participation and interactions with participants, for speakers to exchange on a private interface, or sponsors to manage their guests invitation, the flexibility of web-portals is meant to fit the needs of many stakeholders.

Enable self-service capabilities on-site

The on-site portal is a web-based interface designed for self-service kiosks. Integrated with your B-Com database, it is capable of retrieving directly participants' information and offer them the possibility to print out documents (badge, certificate of attendance, etc.), to update their profile information, check on their bookings, answer surveys, and have a look at the event program.

Share information in real-time

The reporting portals are the gates for external stakeholders to retrieve the information you are willing to share with them. With reports defined beforehand in B-Com and generated on-the-fly, the reporting portals offer an always up-to-date information to the right person. As an example, you can easily share rooming lists based on bookings that have been done on your registration portal with your contracted hotels.

Dedicated URLs


Unlike many solution providers, we give our users the possiblity to use a custom domain name for an event website managed in B-Com, and if they wish, design their own URL rewriting rules.

The website visitors will thus see the chosen URL in their web-browser (the name of the event for example).