Community management

B-Com enables associations, corporations and event organizers to build communities of stakeholders and communicate effectively with them. B-Com customizable community management features offer collaborative workplaces to community managers and community members, in line with your business objectives.

We took a global approach to communities and came up with a comprehensive and flexible platform able to fit numerous needs and business configurations.

In B-Com, a community can be anything like:


  • The members of an association or staff of a corporation
  • The participants of a meeting or a conference
  • A group registered for a session or an activity of a conference
  • A sub-committee such as an organizing committee
  • A group of sponsored delegates
  • A community of any stakeholders gathered around a topic, a location, or a key opinion leader for example

Key benefits

Provide an online collaborative workplace to community managers where they can interact with their community members, all year long and beyond the events they attend

Provide timely and accurate communication to targeted audience to reach both communications and marketing goals

Grow delegate engagement before, during and after the events to improve networking opportunities and quality of program content

Leverage on viral marketing to promote event activities, thus increasing ROI





Manage you own private social network

B-Com offers to possibility to bring any of your stakeholders into your own private social network. You can create and manage a community website that will serve targeted content and interaction tools to your community members, according to their profile.

Managing the community portal is done through a web-based rich content editor enabling you to add as many information pages as required, publish news, share documents, manage discussions, launch surveys, and decide who your content is available for.

Additional mass communication tools enable communicating to targeted audience, and promoting the community activities and events that are available to community members.

Community members may be given temporary or permanent permission to access content management features and interact with their fellow community members. As an example, a press officer from a PR agency can interact with your community of journalists.



Membership management

B-Com community management capabilities enables for comprehensive association and membership management. Customized membership subscription portals that fit your community visual identity and business requirements enable members accessing your community content and resources.

Membership management is highly flexible to fit your exact requirements, Community managers can configure themselves the membership fees and privileges, launch promotional campaigns, launch surveys, or manage content available to the public or to members only. B-Com enables automating the entire membership management process from registration to expiry notifications and renewal.





Unique login - multiple communities

Thanks to B-Com CRM/xRM and community approach, members' information is stored in the common database of contacts for which B-Com ensures quality and accuracy with a duplicate contact check engine.

Using a unique login (community login or public social account), members access a portal on which they have access to multiple communities according to topics of interest or location for example. They navigate from one community to another, access targeted content and the events available to their community. Their personal dashboard allows them accessing content from any past or present community; as an example, a doctor would access the list of events they attended with their corresponding bookings, financial records, abstracts submitted, or any documents such as certificates of attendance.

Thanks to the unique login, community managers can keep track of members’ participation to the events, contribution, and spending throughout the year.



Sub-communities and committees

One of the main interests of communities is to bring all members together while still providing targeted content based on their profile. B-Com enables creating a network of communities that community members are able to browse according to their role and permission within the community.

As an example, an association member may have access to several of the association's chapters and committees, event communities, or topic based communities. The association member is able to manage multiple personal profiles and decide which profile is to be used in which community, as well as which information is public to the other community members.



Manage your catalog of services


B-Com makes it easy for community managers to create and manage services offered to community members. The availability, content, or pricing of services are customized to community members' profiles.

Services offered are configured with sophisticated business logic that enables automating the most complex booking scenario. B-Com is said to be multi-everything; multi currency, multi vat, multi-lingual, multi-time zone are among the capabilities offered to community managers. The services and corresponding privileges are offered to community members according to their profile(s).






Engage with your community

B-Com provides tools to animate and create engagement opportunities among your community.

The community directory is the place to connect with members. Advanced search and filtering capabilities allows looking-up community members' profiles and contact details (each community member is offered to manage their privacy settings).

The discussion platform is meant to help members communicate and exchange on your community topics. Discussions are flexible and can occur between two or more participants, be private or public, managed and moderated collaboratively.

B-Com mass mailing tools allows engaging community members on ongoing discussions, content, activities or events available to the community. Community members find all the resources they need in one place.



Promote your events

The strong integration of communities an events managed in B-Com enables promoting events within a given community with unmatched efficiency and optimal results. Community members access a comprehensive list of events with a customizable search engine, and enjoy a personalized registration experience according to their profile and privileges.

As an event planner or community manager, you have full control on what event is displayed to whom, to restrict registration to specific members, or offer specific activities and pricing according to their profile within the community.

As an example, a corporation gathers sales staff and sales partners to attend an exhibition tradeshow; internal staff are allowed registering free of charge and are allocated mandatory activities, while sales partners are allowed booking accommodation and social events in bulk so as to later on invite their own sales staff to participate to the event (the sales partner's staff will thus form a community of its own.





A mobile app dedicated to your community


With B-com, community managers communicate and promote activities and events all year long to their community members. Community Mobile Apps can be set-up and published easily from B-Com, enabling to share content and enable interaction with and among users.

B-Com community mobile app is a gateway for all community members and stakeholders to access information, being available publically or upon login.

Promoting your community activities and events, and keeping your community members informed at any time anywhere has never been so simple. Automate the publishing of events' mobile apps within the community app, send push notifications to invite community members to register to the event(s) and allow them accessing events' information directly on their community mobile app. Upon login, they can access their contact profile, bookings, or any content targeted to their community member role and privileges.


Use Cases

B-Com Community Portal is a collaborative workplace where community managers and members access specific features and content they need to experience. For example :

• A meeting planner sends a mass mailing to promote an upcoming meeting to past events participants organized into a topic-related community

• A speaker shares his presentation’s topics and invites his audience to participate into a discussion group before and after his session

• A corporate product director publishes marketing material, staff briefings and manages a Q&A section to all sales staff under his reposnibility

• A community member accesses broadcasts/replays of an event program on its community portal

• An event exhibitor accesses his community portal to manage his group of invitees, create his lead retrieval questionnaire and use it on-site with B-Com scan services (partners' technology)*. After the event, he accesses live reporting and mass marketing functionalities to follow-up on his leads, alternatively he exports the list of leads to import into his corporate CRM.

• An event participant selects sessions or activities he wants to attend and invites other delegates from his community to meet during an event.