Abstract & Session content Management

Customizable and powerful abstract and session content management as well as online program publishing

B-Com offers a powerful and customizable abstract and session content management as well as online program publishing, which are fully integrated with the rest of B-Com functionalities.

Abstract managers have full flexibility to categorize and manage the content submitted for review and standardize the output formats. B-Com also provides a complete online reviewing interface with fully customizable criteria and statistics computation.
Once abstracts are selected, abstract managers can easily generate the abstract book content in various formats, allocate abstracts to sessions and build the conference program. 

All functionalities of B-Com
are designed to offer:

  • Consistency of experience to content submitters & reviewers
  • Efficiency to abstract and program managers
  • Business intelligence to executives

Abstract & content management

1. Abstract Submission

B-Com abstract submission wizard is fully customizable and easy to generate with no particular IT skills. It is accessible publically or upon invitation only. Thanks to B-Com returning user functionality, abstract submitters are identified when accessing the event portal to manage their abstract(s) or later on their registration details.

B-Com increases event stakeholders' satisfaction by providing both abstract management and registration services in one place with one single login.

The wizard allows authors to both submit and modify abstracts proposed for review. B-Com supports rich content, including pictures and tables, and manages authors’ information that includes affiliations and disclosure of interests.

step by step

Fully customizable step-by-step web-based content submission wizard


Abstract managers can set up and manage abstract structure and define criteria ensuring that abstracts submitted for review respects predefined fully configurable rules, thus unifying results and facilitating review.

Abstract authors always have a live preview of their abstract in the exact layout used for publication. Until the submission deadline, abstracts can be modified as desired with full history tracking allowing for an unparalleled submission experience.

B-Com double abstract submission check prevents abstract submitters to go through the complete abstract submission process again when only creating a new version would be sufficient (B-Com handles multiple versions of the same abstract).


The abstract submission tool is customizable


 Abstract submission is known to have very important usage peaks, the majority of abstracts being submitted in the few days preceding the deadline. B-Com has impressive track records of coping with such peaks, and is able to support the submission of any number of abstracts in parallel (through unique B-Com scale-out technical architecture).

2. Abstract review and selection

Reviewing can be a long process to choose selected abstracts among all submitted ones. Reviewing committees must therefore have efficient tools to evaluate and eventually score abstracts.

For abstract managers, building reviewing committees - in other words assigning abstracts to reviewers - can be a complex task. B-Com proposes in addition to manual assignment, the option of automatic abstract assignment based on topics and configurable distribution rules to ensure the statistical pertinence of total scores.

Abstract reviewing portal, scoring is customizable to fit specific needs

Program management

B-Com provides a complete session model enabling the management of very simple to very complex programs with sessions organized by type, topics or categories. Sessions are allocated to rooms and slots, while all actors of the program are managed and linked to the various sessions they will have a role into.

When you manage your event content with B-Com, you can then manage your event program and synchronize the sessions with their related content, this reduces the risks of mistake and the time needed to manage large amount of sessions and activities.